NaNoWriMo 2019

This year for NaNo I’m working on a southern noir fantasy f/f lovestory centered around the cold case of Bella in the Witch Elm. Bella & the Wych Elm started as a short story this past spring, but when I hit 25k with no signs of stopping (without a weird rushed ending) I realized it would make a fantastic, true standalone novel in the world I’ve built for the Danziger Forgeries.

I’ve started NaNo with 25k words banked, and also a serious sinus infection that has basically made a Pinterest board and this post my first real work on the project so I’ve adjusted my goals to reflect that. Whether I write a full 50k and push the novel to 75K (and nearly finished) or make 50k total by end of the month, I’m going to call it good.

I’m not on the NaNo website (I only ever unofficially participate), but if you want to keep up with me I’ll post weekly updates here and semi-daily updates over on twitter. Now, onto this year’s project!

Bella & the Wych Elm

After burning out in Port Lucent, criminal psychologist Frankie leaves the big city for her small hometown. While researching Sheldon’s only cold case–a century-old murder with its own graffiti writing ghost–she discovers within the branches of the Wych Elm dark family secrets, a deep forest legacy, and the weathered skeleton of her first love.

Bella & the Wych Elm is a southern noir fantasy about love, sacrifice, and resurrection. Because too many mysteries start with a murdered girl, and Bella refuses to stay in the Wych Elm forever.